How Many Players In A Rugby Team?

A Rugby team often has 15 players with eight people for a tight scrum and seven one scattered all over the field and called backs.  In detail, every position in each group plays an important role that no one cannot cover when they are away. Let’s check the position below to understand. 

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Props: #1 and #3

Two positions are normally for the biggest guys on the team, and they contribute to pushing the scrum. #1 and #3 are big, so they are not the fastest players on the field. However, they will use their advantages of size, weight, and strength. They will win the ball and it is called a c scrum down. 

Their upper part plays an important role in keeping the scrum up and preventing it collapse if it begins folding over. 

Hooker: #2 

Hooker is a short player. This player puts their arms over the top of the props’ shoulders and will be supported by the props’ larger bodies. 

The hooker is considered as an offensive lineman center in Rugby and makes the ball back to the  quarterback.

Locks: #4 and #5

Locks are the tallests in the team. They are always placed firmly in the middle of the scrum pack. With this position, you cannot see them at all during a scrum down. 

They use their tall bodies as an advantage. Locks use their long legs to drive the scrum forward, so they make an effort of moving the scrum 2 or 3 feet to win the ball. 

Some people think they push the scrum, but the fact is not. These players lock out their legs and extend their bodies to push the scrum forward 2 or 3 feet. 

When the ball goes out and there is an in-bounding throw to start the game again, they will get the ball which is tossed most of the time. 

Locks are also second rows because they are the only in this row of the set scrum piece.

Flankers: #6 and #7

Do you know the tackler? Yes, they are. They must run all the time.

Their mission is to make sure the offensive back line has no time to plan any crafty set plays. Because of having to run, they are always the speed rusher/linebacker, or you can consider them as the fastest in your team. 

As they outrun the opponent’s flankers, you can get more chances to win a ball.

The 8-Man: #8

This guy takes responsibility as a flanker. This player is bigger and slightly slower than an official flanker. 

The mission is to pick up the ball and run, or just catch the defensive backfield off guard and then run with the ball. 

The Backs

  • Rugby Quarterbacks: #9 and #10

These guys are normally very short. They need to have quick hands and quick feet to run some #9 pick-up. 

It is required to have perfect hands to catch a very quick pass from the scrum half and then pass it quickly to the backfield.

#9 and #10 can’t touch a player if they do not have the ball. Therefore, a good fly half can pass a ball perfectly to his backfield in a split second.

  • Centers: #12 and #13

These players will run backs of the team. #12 is inside center and is a powerful runner on offense. In contrary, #13 is outside center who are normally faster and smaller. This guy is called a scoring machine as all the things are planned well and good passing occurs. 

  • Wings: #11 and #14

The only thing they need to do is RUN FAST to get the ball. That’s why they are the two fastest players on the team. 

  • Fullback: #15

Fullbacks have several responsibilities. They play a role as a punt-returner when balls are kicked deep over the backfield.