How to throw a Rugby ball?

Every sport has its play style and technique, and so does Rugby. To play Rugby efficiently, which brings the highest rate of winning, all players need to master Rugby ball throwing. 

However, you should take note that the information below is for right-handed players. If you are left-handed, please flip the instructions. 

For long passes

Making a long pass requires some points below:

  • You will need to use long and accurate spirals
  • The right hand is on the back of the ball. 
  • It is necessary to place your left hand underneath the ball
  • After setting the hand, you will pull it back to your hip on the right.
  • Take advantage of your upper body to face the target. 
  • You can toss your arms at the target, and keeping the ball low and horizontal. 
  • Finally, pull the fingers on your right hand back towards your body. Follow through with both arms extended at your target. 

For short passes

Making a long pass requires some points below:

  • You have to use gentle spins for short passes and quick pops. 
  • To perform, hold the ball with both hands, nose pointed up. 
  • After that, you slightly pull the ball to your right ribcage. 
  • You will push the ball to the target, keeping the nose up. 
  • Finally, after you throw, snap your fingers back towards your chest as you release. 


When you master two of these passes above, you can bring a win to your team. Every move you make will contribute to the final result, so let’s practice from this moment and take note of every detail of the skill to not miss the important factors.

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