Miken Psycho ASA Composite Slowpitch Softball Bat One Piece Maxload Review

Let me tell you the basics about softball – like the baseball it is a dominant sport in the United States and also played in some other regions such as New Zealand, Australia, Japan, China and Europe.

Softball, derived from the game of baseball, was invented in Chicago back in 1887. The difference between the two games is based on what type of ball and field is being used in a game setting.

There are two different types of balls used in this game: slow pitch and fastpitch. Now I am not going further about what and how the game actually works, but I will be listing or talking about the awesome Miken Psycho ASA Composite slowpitch softball bat and why would you even consider purchasing one.

Every softball player needs to be in very good relations with his bat and that’s why it is very important to find the one that feels right.

The Miken Psycho is perfectly balanced and is also very attractive.

The player owning such a bat is going to be proud to make the perfect swing with it. It’s very easy to get used to it and the grip makes your job easier cutting a big part from the vibrations a big hit produce. The flexible composite materials help with the power of the hit so you’ll see that ball going farther away than usual.

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Advantages of using the Miken Psycho bat

  • Longer hits – This bat will improve your hit distance from the first time you use it. Composite materials offer it flexibility and it gives a lot of power to the hit making the ball go further away
  • Improved game – it has a large sweet spot which will help you improve your game to the point of perfection. Many players say that they managed their first pure hit with this bat
  • Perfect for pro games – a bat for professional players or for those who aspire to become one. Even though it’s very helpful this is not a bat for beginners.
  • Everyone will envy you – besides being amazing in the game, it’s also a very attractive bat. Everyone will admire and secretly envy you for owning such a beauty.


  • Efficiency – The Miken Psycho ASA composite slow pitch softball bat has 2 ¼ inch barrel diameter which is lightweight and that could provide balance and fast swing quality. This is the standard size of best slow pitch softball bat which in turn results into better performance. When looking for the softball bats, one should always base the bat’s specification in accordance to the player’s height and weight. This in turn shall provide efficiency and great performance especially when you are looking into hitting those sweet spots. This bat is lightweight as it is made from the highest quality of graphite, fiberglass and resin. It also provides better grip for comfort. This results into improved swing power and speed.
  • Quality – Apart from performance, one should also take into consideration the product’s durability as with any other products you would want to invest with. The Miken Psycho ASA composite softball bats are manufactured with Miken’s own High Performance Infusion (or HPI) which will change the level of your batting skills. No need for break – in, it works out quite well fresh out of the wrapper.
  • Durability – This is also built in one piece making it more durable and dependable for long term use. You never have to worry about your softball bat being broken as it is 100% Made in the US, this is crafted from the finest materials so you are aware that you are getting your money’s worth. It is also ergonomically manufactured to meet the needs of any softball player; it just not only meets your needs but over exceeds satisfaction.
  • Meets ASA regulatory standards – The American Softball Association (or ASA) has set regulatory specifications for each materials used in softball games, the Miken Psycho ASA composite slow pitch softball bat passed their standards. It does not only meet comfort, standards but it also meets style.
  • Style – This bat is a Jeremy Isenhower signature model which would make any user boasts of its awesome design. Miken also takes pride with their cool, suave designs and the Miken Psycho ASA composite comes in white/ red color.

Pros and cons of having such a great bat

The great thing about the Miken Psycho ASA Composite is that it gives you the best legendary performance of your life each time.

 It enhances your power and speed thus giving you an all-time high every time the ball flies fast with your every pop.

The only bad or con about this product is the color. I mean not everyone would be able to appreciate the red/ white (although I do not mind the color) combination, so variety would be nice. Anyways, they say that taste is personal.

How to use

Hitting home runs and those sweet spots usually takes time to achieve especially when using a new bat – somehow having a feeling of familiarity still. With the Miken Psycho ASA composite softball bat, there’s no need for a break-in. It works out just as fine and improves more of your performance every time you use it. The best thing about owning this is that it does not only provide consistent performance but it exceeds your hitting record in every use.

The Miken Psycho ASA Composite Softball bat is specifically designed for slowpitch softball players (there are size charts available to determine the length and bat specification recommended for your age, height and weight.)

It seems that Miken has again revolutionized softball bat technology as they outperform previous Miken softball bat models each time. This is such a great value for money compared to cheaper softball bats that compromises your performance with their low-grade materials. When you are thinking of getting a new softball bat, consider the Miken Psycho ASA Composite Slow Pitch One Piece Maxload Softball Bat.

Should You buy this Bat?

The Miken Psycho bat is for a professional softball player or for a medium player aspiring to become a professional player. All its qualities are better highlighted by a player who knows how to hit the sweet spot and send the ball as far away as possible.

The Miken Psycho is a bat made to improve your game (if your game is good) so it is not recommended in the hands of a beginner.

The conclusion on the Miken Psycho ASA Composite Slow Pitch One Piece Maxload Softball Bat is that every professional softball player should have one in their collection. It’s a beautiful bat recommended by many players. So, in the end it’s a recommendation from softball players to softball players which has to give you confidence in it.

If you feel that your old bat is not challenging you like it used to then it’s time for a new bat that will help you improve that swing. Softball is a game where the player with the better stick can take all the glory.

The Miken Psycho bat can take you and your team to glory and the price is absolutely affordable (for the high quality it provides).