Top Most Necessary TITLE Boxing Equipment

Boxing is an interesting sport but also really arduous. To be able to stand firm on the boxing floor, the boxers must undergo hours of persistent training, iron will. If you are intending to engage in divine martial arts then pay attention to the following tips.

Definitely protect you before it’s too late. Boxing for good physical fitness but the protective equipment is equally important. Choose for yourself a pair of quality boxing gloves, the right size, a long enough bandage, and good protective gear. So you can avoid unnecessary injuries. Without protective gear, absolutely never “empty-handed”, you will definitely lose. Here is The Most Necessary TITLE Boxing Equipment that you must have!

Boxing Gloves

1. TITLE Gel World Bag Gloves

TITLE Gel World Bag Gloves is the first item on this list. These gloves are available in 3 colors and rated 4.6/5 with 355 ratings on

  • The wrist tape is covered with a layer of leather to ensure a fit, firm, non-slip, with the wrist supported.
  • Made with multi-layer foam padding
  • Poly material inside the insoles creates a comfortable feeling, Extremely durable and good moisture resistance
  • Made of vintage genuine-aged top-grain leather.

2. TITLE Boxing Pro Style Leather Training Gloves

These are overall great gloves for the boxers who are training and beginning. The shell of gloves re made of a genuine leather for the super durability. The multi layered shock absorbing foams offer the power and the protection for you. Full wrap around twin-poly leather wrist strap with hook-and-loop closure for maximum security. A satin nylon hand compartment liner helps repel moisture retention and keep gloves fresh between uses.

3. Title Classic Pro Style Training Gloves 3.0

An exciting re-creation of our famous signature Pro-Style Training Gloves with even more added features and benefits! Super tough and durable synthetic leather cover lasts and performs like leather at a fraction of the cost! You cannot find a 100% leather glove with this must wrist protection and padding for this price anywhere. Title Classic Pro Style Training Gloves 3.0 are specially designed for training with speed, range, and movement during bagging. High intensity, high shock resistance evenly distributed throughout gloves, including wrists and outside hands.

Punching Bags

Punching bags have different training purposes and you will need to know the different types and what they are good for. Each type will vary in its weight, size, and shape, as well as the experience and resistance they bring to your training.

1. TITLE Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bags

A speed ball is primarily used to increase hand-eye coordination and will improve a boxer’s conditioning. You’ll recognise a speed ball as being inflated and attached to a wall board, although they can be freestanding but difficult to find in adult sizes.

When punched, they quickly swivel and bounce back, so you have to react quickly and work on your footwork. Generally, the more air in a bag, the faster it will respond. The smaller the ball the harder to hit, so maybe start with a regular size and work down to peanut or mini size. It is suitable for improving hand-eye coordination. Ideal for beginners and all levels.

Constructed with precision Gyro Balanced manufacturing, TITLE Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bags assures true rebounds and rapid recoiling that helps develop lighting fast reflexes, improve your quickness and hand-eye coordination.

Sizes: XXS (4″ x 7″), S (5″ x 8″), M (6″ x 9″), L (7″ x 10″)

2. Title Boxing “Big Jumbo Ball Double End Bag 2.0

Jumbo bags as they are sometimes known, are for heavy, hard training and due to the increased weight of the bag, will improve your muscle tone and strength. Over time, using a heavy bag will build strength and are available as either free standing or hanging bags. It is suitable for strength training; improving muscle strength for powerful hits.

  • Massive 28” diameter bag fills with air, just like a traditional double end bag, yet is ideal for throwing and perfecting every punch and strike
  • Crafted with durable engineered leather cover with canvas backing
  • Includes a giant butyl rubber inside bladder that is crafted for long-life, rapid rebounds and super responsive action
  • Complete with two heavy-duty rubber cables with S-hooks
  • Size: 28″

2. Title Boxing Lightning Strike Pro Relex Bag

This item is ideal for punching, they provide a solid, all-round exercise and are great for beginners and professionals alike and great for home use when a bag cannot be hung from the ceiling or walls. This is best for kicking workouts and all-round training.

  • Professional grade 7.5” high-tension steel spring guarantees blazing speed and lightning fast action
  • Super contoured, 869 grams sponge-rubber, mid-density 9” striking target offers ideal resistance and superior quality, with no inner bladders or air pump requirements
  • Simply and easily adjusts from about 4’ (48”) to 6’ (72”) tall to perfectly accommodate every size athlete from youth to super heavyweight

3. Title Boxing Uppercut Ring, Black

Uppercut bags are on the smaller side and are designed for training to improve combination punches, such as hooks combined with uppercuts.

Combination punches are essential to winning matches, so they are an important part of the training. Use uppercut bags to perfect the technique and then put in the hours to increase your speed. It is best for: Combination punches.

Get your uppercut game “on point” and make it one of your most dangerous punches. This advanced heavy bag attachment creates a whole new dimension to your workout routine

Boxing Shoes

1. Title Speed-Flex Encore Mid Boxing Shoes, Black, 1

With 8 different colors, you can choose at least one pair that matches with your style. This item is made of full synthetic leather upper with tight weave nylon fill for the durability and the long life. It is created and designed exclusively for boxing and for quick footwork and speed. Approximate 6″ height.

2. Title Boxing Innovate Mid Boxing Shoes

The Innovation to Excel! This incredibly light weight and sporty jacquard nylon weave upper with synthetic leather accents mid boxers form a precision shoe for winning results. Polyurethane full-length rubber soles are tooled for speed and quickness, with intense pivots and traction. Full length double lasted mid-sole helps provide a lower center of gravity and foot control. Sleek 7″ height offers superior speed, ring performance, and grip. Fully padded tongue, arch, and heel support for a high-quality shoe at a fantastic cost. Comes complete with a quality drawstring mesh carry bag that is ideal for storing and transporting shoes in your gym bag so they can “breathe” and air out between uses.

Boxing Headgear

1. Title USA Boxing Amateur Competition Headgear

  • 100% full grain leather shell is manufactured for extended, long-lasting wear
  • Softer, ultra-comfortable, yet durable cloth inside liner is moisture wicking
  • Multi-layered exclusive four-foam laminated padding has high and low density layers for increased shock absorption and impact resistance
  • Integrated side ear air channels offer extra protection and coverage
  • Fully adjustable lacing system on top and back for a custom, no-slip fit
  • Adjustable chin strap offers additional security and form fit for a secure, uninhibited fit

2. TITLE Gel World Full-Face Training Headgear

Gel lining and multi-layered sleek design foam makes for an unbeatable combination of comfortable form-fit and impact resistance. Fully padded cheeks, forehead, ears and back make for optimal wraparound coverage and fit. Super convenient rear entry design makes for the best on and off of any headgear on the market. Hook-and-loop rear closure with leather and elastic top make perfect custom adjustments. All-leather build in full-face style with added chin protection.


Boxing is an appropriate discipline to practice for many people. It just helps mental comfort, health training, improves self-defense. Therefore, more and more people are pursuing this subject. Of course, each subject will require different tools, so does Boxing. So what boxing equipment is needed to start practicing this subject? Let’s find out with Gondeee by this The Most Necessary TITLE Boxing Equipment!

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